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Completing a record book is a valuable part of the 4-H year.  Even though some 4-H meetings, events, and activities have been different this year, there is still importance in pulling together what you did and do as a record for your year.  Record books are due in September to your club leader. More specific details about collection of books will be shared as the date gets closer.

4-H is a combination of learning, projects, leadership, fun, growth, goal setting, friendship, service, generosity, and so much more.  As you plan for and work on your record book, remember the projects you are working on, activities you did or will participate in, service projects you complete, meetings you attend, leadership opportunities you have or had, committees you could have been a part of, and more.  Both virtual and in person are to be included in your record book.  There may also be some disappointments during the year and those could be included in your record book in a 4-H story or project stories to explain your 4-H year.

Printed record book pages will be available for anybody that wants them.  Online record book pages and pdf or word copies of the printed pages are also available at

Full record books begin for members completing grade 3 and above.  Cloverbuds are also encouraged to put together a record of their year and there is a Cloverbud Record Book available too.

2024 Record Book pages

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