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Agricultural Resources – General

Videos include:

    1. Crop Budgets and Market Plans in Low-margin Years
    2. Corn: Survive and Thrive on Low Price Projections
    3. Soybean Inputs that Deliver Highest ROI in a Low-Margin Year
    4. Fundamental Soil Fertility Strategies for Success, in Corn, Soybeans, and Small Grains
    5. Disease Management in Low Margin Years – Field Crops
    6. Managing Insects Economically Using Conventional Hybrids and Thresholds
    7. Practical Weed Management for Low Margin Years
    8. Tillage Considerations to Reduce Operational Costs
    9. Precision Ag Technology in Low-Margin Years

Optimal seeding rates for yield goals can help lower seeding cost and improve profits.

Ensures uniform seeding across all rows and ensures accurate seeding rates saving money by not using excess seed.

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