August-September 4-H Forecast

Returning to UW-Madison – You may have noticed that we’ve changed over to the UW-Madison colors on our websites and our logos. From now on, our official name will be the University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension, but you can continue to call us “Extension”. Our mission is not changing. We’re committed to our work in local communities throughout the state. With an office in each Wisconsin county and faculty on UW Campuses, Extension develops practical educational programs tailored to local needs and based on university knowledge and research. We’re making a measurable difference in three tribal nations and in all 72 counties in our state, as our neighbors put their own great ideas into practice with the essential support of our expertise, resources and research.

Source:  Please note the new web address for Extension Waupaca County –  Our emails also end in; you can contact Penny Tank, 4-H Program Coordinator, at

August-September Newsletter