4-H Projects in a Box – Orders Due November 17th

With the colder weather and holidays coming, are you looking for some project ideas, handmade gifts to give away, or even a gift for your kids?  Did you enjoy Super Saturday last year and want to make some projects similar to those offered there?  With the success of “Projects in a Box” this summer, we are offering 5 more boxes.  Boxes will include directions and most supplies for the projects listed below.  Some examples of household items you may need to provide include glue, scissors, hammer, etc.  Boxes are available for anybody to purchase, 4-H and non 4-H families.  Click here for the Projects in a Box Flyer and Order Form

How does it work?

Orders are due Tuesday, November 17 (either use the google form and send a check to the courthouse OR use the order form on the last page of this document and mail with your check). This will allow a short amount of time to purchase the supplies and pack the boxes. Supplies may be limited! There will be 2 pick up options on 2 separate dates:  Waupaca County Courthouse in Waupaca (Monday, December 7) or the Lebanon Town Hall, north side of New London (Thursday, December 10).  Project boxes must be picked up on the appropriate date/location between 4:00-6:00 p.m. These will be no contact pick ups.  Only one person should leave the car to pick up the boxes. If you see another family outside to get their boxes, please wait until they return to their car. As we get closer to the pick up date, a confirmation email will be sent to you with a reminder and instructions.


String Art                              Cost $5

You will receive directions and materials to make your own string art project (board, nails, string, and some sample patterns that you can use like a 4-H Clover or some seasonal options).  You can also create your own pattern – as simple or as complicated as you want to try!!



Cloverbud Fun                      Cost: $8

The joy of reading!! This box features a variety of fun Cloverbud-level projects. Ideal for grades 5K-2.  For this box we are focusing on a literacy theme with the book ‘Rainbow Fish’ included in each, along with materials for crafts and more ideas to accompany the story.  There will also be a zoom meeting planned at a later date to get together and read the book!


Woodworking                        Cost: $5

Receive pre-cut wood pieces, screws, sand paper, and directions to make your own step stool.  You will need to supply the screwdriver and the finish that you want to make your project complete!  Parents are asked to work with younger members to complete the project. Number of boxes limited to 25.


Decorative Plate & Mason Jar Craft                      Cost $8

You will get directions to make your own decorative plate and mason jar, both using a common factor of mod podge.  A zoom will be planned after box pick up to make the decorative plate with Penny if you wish to participate.  Box includes:

  • 1 clear glass plate
  • Few pieces of fabric to choose from
  • Mod podge and foam brushes
  • 1 Mason jar
  • Variety of tissue paper and decorative items
  • Battery operated tea light candle


Seasonal Creations                                                   Cost $10

This box is a great way to get into the Holiday spirit!  Create your own fillable ornaments with acrylic paint and glitter, along with a candy cane wreath.  Kit includes:

  • 4 ornaments (sizes of ornaments may vary)
  • A variety of acrylic paint colors
  • Glitter
  • Candy cane wreath form
  • Deco mesh, pipe cleaners, and some finishing touches for the wreath



To order, either click on the below google form link OR use this paper order form.

Orders due by Tuesday, November 17, 2020.

Questions:  email penny.tank@wisc.edu




Daytime Phone Number:_________________________________________________

Please write the number of boxes you would like to order by each title. When finished, fill out the total amount. Payment is required when the order is placed.

# of Boxes,  Title of Box,  Cost for each box

____ String Art @ $5.00 _______

____ Cloverbud Fun @ $8.00 _______

____ Woodworking @ $5.00 _______

____ Decorative Plate & Mason Jar Craft @ $8.00 _______

____ Seasonal Creations @ $10.00 _______

Total: $ _______________

Pick up location

____ Waupaca County Courthouse, Monday, December 7 from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.


____ Lebanon Town Hall, Thursday, December 10 from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.

Make checks payable to: Waupaca County

Orders due by November 17, send this form and check to:

Extension Office, 811 Harding Street, Waupaca, WI 54981