4-H Online Version 2.0 Ready for Re-enrollment!

We are happy to announce that 4-H Online 2.0 is now open for re-enrollments and new enrollments!

Go to http://wi.4honline.com to access the new system. Your family login and password will be the same as you used last year. If your password does not work, you can click on the Reset Password link on the login page and you will be emailed a new one.

The system will look totally different from what we had in the past, but you can use the family enrollment guide at https://fyi.extension.wisc.edu/4h-ext/files/2020/09/4HOnline.v2.Family.Enrollment.Guide_.pdf  for help during the enrollment process.  Also, please read the brief descriptions on each screen while re-enrolling, these are very helpful to explain that step in the enrollment process.

Your family address and phone number, etc. carried forward to the new system, however, you will have to select the club you are joining and all projects again this year.  The projects that you were enrolled in last year did not carry forward.

Additionally, if you are a youth leader in a project, this year you have the opportunity to pick youth leader and then select the project name on one screen, you do not have to pick the project and then again select the project with youth leader after it as a separate project entry.  If you have questions about this feel free to contact Penny.

The updated project guide for our county will continue to include a brief description of the projects and literature available (the state 4-H website was also recently updated and links in the project guide need to be double checked).  This will be posted on the county website by the end of the week at https://waupaca.extension.wisc.edu/4-h-youth-development/4-h-program-topics/ under ‘enroll in 4-H’.  A few copies will also be mailed to club leaders.  If you would like a copy mailed to you, please email Penny at penny.tank@wisc.edu.

A few advantages with the updated version are that it is more streamlined and easier to use, as well as mobile friendly so you can use your phone to enroll! There will be more features coming, like Spanish language translation and additional club leader features, which are very limited at this time.

Thank you for your patience as this was worked on for the whole state.  Please take time to re-enroll soon and reach out to us if you have questions.  Thank you,