July 4-H Forecast

Hello 4-H Families! For most of us, our summer is looking very different. For some of you, vacations and/or family gatherings have been cancelled or modified. Summer sports or camps you may have participated in were cancelled. Even those of us who plan to do a “staycation” with our families or some friends, planning special get-togethers and activities is not without extra effort with social distancing, PPE and disinfecting! It leaves us all with two questions, “Will we ever get back to normal? And if not, “What is our new normal?” Rather than wait to get answers to these questions, I want to be proactive in our 4-H programming and brainstorm or implement ideas with what we have right now.

Some of us are already doing that, for example:

  • Club meetings held virtually (I would be happy to help anybody do this if you have questions)
  • Club activities/games adapted to electronic or virtual formats
  • 4-H Friday projects
  • Virtual 4-H Family Fun Night
  • Ambassadors creating animal project videos for a library story hour
  • Horse project work nights
  • 4-H Fun in a Box (see page 14 for more details)

Let’s keep going! I am very interested in having conversations or creating a committee that focuses on our “new” normal for the coming months. We may only be able to meet in small groups, but we can still accomplish a lot if we all think outside of the box! Please feel free to email me at penny.tank@wisc.edu if you are interested in serving on a committee OR if you have some ideas!

 Penny Tank, 4-H Program Educator

4-H Forecast

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