Cloth Face Coverings 4-H Service Project Opportunity

4-H Families,

Recently, the CDC recommended wearing of cloth face coverings to protect yourself and others in public settings. We wanted to take a moment to share the Wisconsin 4-H sewing pattern that you can use to create your own cloth face coverings. If you wanted to make face coverings for more than you and your family, consider contributing to a larger community effort!

Two options for Waupaca County 4-H Families:

  1.  Penny has been in contact with the Wisconsin Veteran’s Home in King (N2665 County Rd QQ, Waupaca, WI 54981) and they would really appreciate any amount of face coverings that families are willing to make and donate (they may be using them for many months yet).  If you make some face coverings for the Veteran’s Home, please follow these directions for drop off:
    1. Place the face coverings in any type of bag (they need to launder everything that comes in so there are not specific packaging directions).  Be sure to enclose a slip of paper with your family name and address so they are able to send a thank you for the donation.  If you would rather not do that, please enclose something that says it is an anonymous donation.
    2. Nobody is allowed on the grounds of the Veteran’s Home at this time.  They have a checkpoint set up across the street where all staff and visitors need to go.
    3. Enter the cemetery across the street and follow the arrows to the checkpoint.  This is manned 24/7.  Turn your face coverings in at the checkpoint.
  2. You may have also seen on the news that there is a group of volunteers in Wisconsin who are making a difference with their sewing skills!  You are welcome to partner with Wisconsin Face Mask Warriors for your donated face coverings to ensure that the coverings can get safely distributed to additional places that need them!  This is a great way to work on your sewing skills while also making a difference in the community.

Want to help? Follow these steps!

  1. Create your coverings using the Wisconsin 4-H pattern.
  2. Follow thepacking instructions
  3. Write “AURORA” or attach a sheet that notes these coverings use the “Aurora” pattern.
  4. Drop off at the nearest Zone 4 drop-off site:
County Location
Brown Alive Maintenance LLC
1718 Velp Ave, Ste F
Green Bay
Kewaunee-Lux 113 2nd St
Luxemburg, WI 54217

817 Division St

Algoma, WI 54217


Eis Structure Movers

7908 State Highway 147

Two Rivers 54241


Alliance Church

2693 Grand Chute Blvd

Appleton, WI 54913

Shawano Bold & Skein Quilt Shop
1488 East Green Bay St

734 S Main St

Marion, WI 54950

If you are interested in making a more advanced pattern, please see the Wisconsin Facemask Warriors Facebook page.

I do not need to know specifics or how many face coverings, but I would be very interested to hear if any 4-H families make donations to the Veteran’s Home or the Wisconsin Face Mask Warriors.  Just sending a short email to would be great.  Thank you,

Stay safe and healthy!