April/May 4-H Forecast

Dear Waupaca County 4-H Families:

As we are all living through this challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic, please remember the 4 H’s of 4-H—Head, Heart, Hands, and Health.  I never could have imagined a time like right now.  I want you to know that I am here for you, 4-H is still here for you.

HEAD—Things may look different and we are all learning together.  We are living history right now, maybe start keeping a journal, make a scrapbook or even a time capsule!

HEART—Show kindness—there are so many opportunities, could be virtually or chalk drawings on your driveway, to show kindness to others.  How can we as 4-H’ers show heart?

HANDS—Hands on learning can and does happen at home or wherever you may be during this time.  Some 4-H projects may not be the same as they normally are and we need to remember that different can be OK or even good.  Maybe now is a good time to be exploring deeper the project areas you are most excited about or trying something new.  You may need to improvise with supplies at home, but that is a great skill to learn and practice too!

HEALTH—How much are we learning about health right now?!

Watching out for the health of ourselves, our families, our neighbors, and our communities!  There is so much information, I encourage you to continue to check with reliable news sources like the Department of Health Services and the CDC for health related updates and information.



Inside this newsletter are a number of links to resources for projects and activities, online learning and more.  They are being provided to be just that—resources.  Maybe you don’t have time right now, or in a few weeks, maybe when summer comes you can check them out.  I encourage you to reach out at anytime and stay safe!

Penny Tank
4-H Program Educator

April/May 4-H Forecast