December 2019 / January 2020 4-H Forecast

The 2018 North Central Region 4-H Volunteer Impact Study was a 12 state study of volunteers in the 4-H Youth Development Program. This included Wisconsin!  An electronic survey was sent to 1,000 randomly selected volunteers in each state and the purpose of the study was to document the impact volunteers have on the 4-H program.

Here is what was found:

7% volunteered 1 year 24% volunteered 6-10 years

32% volunteered 2-5 years 37% volunteered 11+ years

Individual Benefits

Volunteers can personally benefit from their involvement and come into the program hoping to support youth and make a difference. They also gain skills in teaching, leadership and communication.  Volunteers transfer these skills to other environments where they work and live.

Volunteers Reported:

I was a caring adult for youth.  96%

I had fun. 95%

I built new relationships with youth. 92%

Organizational Benefits

Volunteers give their time, talents and energy to the 4-H Youth Development program.  On average volunteers give 9 hours per month! Volunteers serve as ambassadors to our program doing work such as talking about the importance of 4-H, recruiting new youth and volunteers, growing community partnerships and helping youth gain leadership skills.   98% of Volunteers help youth serve their communities and 97% help youth build leadership skills.

Public Value

Volunteers impact the community where they live and work!

92% Say volunteering with 4-H makes communities stronger

89% Say volunteering with 4-H contributes to better connected communities

4-H Volunteers Matter

Volunteers make a significant impact.  The program would not be possible without volunteers. Through their service, volunteers grow personally, enrich the 4-H program and youth, and help make our communities stronger.

Penny Tank, 4-H Program Coordinator

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