Re-enrollments for 2017-2018 are due November 15, 2017.   Refer to the Enrollment Guide for more enrollment details.  2018 4-H Enrollment Guide

FOR Members AND Leaders
The following are important dates to remember when enrolling in 4hOnline: Log on to https://wi.4honline.com and access your account. Basic information you input last year will remain, including projects you were in this past year. The years will automatically advance a year. You will need to re-check all the boxes for liability releases, photo, etc. And you can update your health form as well, if you wish. Be sure to continue through all screens until you get to the project screen to see the projects and update if needed. You will only be able to show in the fair in the project areas you enroll in this fall.

4-H Online Family Account Password—If a family forgets their password, they can use the Forgot Password feature on the login page and a new password will be emailed to them. Or contact the Extension Office and we can reset a password.

November 15—Deadline for re-enrollments to join 4-H and still be able to exhibit at the county fair in Junior Division as a 4-H member. If you miss this re-enrollment deadline, you will not be able to exhibit at the county fair in the Junior Division as a 4-H member. If a youth has been absent/inactive as a 4-H member for more than 12 months, they would be considered a new member upon joining 4-H again.

February 1—Deadline for new members to join 4-H and still be able to exhibit at the county fair in Junior Division.

After February 1—May still join 4-H, but will not be allowed to exhibit at the county fair in the Junior Division. Youth enrolling after February 1st may participate in all other 4-H programs and activities as a member.

County Dues
The Leaders’ Association supports numerous educational efforts for Waupaca County 4-H members and leaders. These include summer camp, project workshops, Day Camp, trips, State Fair, literature for club libraries, accident insurance, and much more. Due to the costs to support these efforts, the Leaders’ Board and Association set county dues at $6.00 per member per year. Remember that 4-H County Dues are due with enrollments.  

There is also a leader assessment of $2.00 per leader due with enrollments.

Club leaders may not accept your enrollment online and make you an active member until they receive your dues. This needs to be paid by cash or check to the club; there is no online payment system.



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