Press Release for Implements of Husbandry Meetings

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Waupaca County UW-Extension – 811 Harding Street, Waupaca, WI54981

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Title:   Waupaca County Implements of Husbandry (IoH) Local Meetings

Author: Greg Blonde

As farming has modernized, agricultural equipment is now larger and heavier than ever. Although this can improve efficiency, it also raises concerns about the impact large equipment has on road wear and maintenance.

In Wisconsin, the state Department of Transportation convened a study group with reps from state and local governments, law enforcement, citizens and farm groups to develop recommendations for changes to state law governing the use of highways by agricultural equipment. The resulting legislation, Wisconsin Act 377, was signed into law earlier this year and goes into full effect this coming January.

This new law updates the definition of agricultural vehicles, or Implements of Husbandry (IoH), and creates a new class of vehicles known as Agricultural Commercial Motor Vehicles (Ag CMV). IoH’s are generally the types of vehicles that were manufactured and designed for agricultural use, and Ag CMV’s are generally vehicles designed primarily for highway use, but have been modified in some way for exclusive agricultural use. Act 337 also increased the allowable weights by approximately 15% and created a local, no-fee permit program that grants local governments the authority to allow oversized vehicles to legally travel roadways under their jurisdiction.

Waupaca County formed a work group of local town officials with knowledge and experience in farming to study the new law and develop recommendations for local implementation. Their recommendations to town and county officials will be presented at four regional meetings on the following dates/locations.

7:00 PM Thursday, January 8

Manawa Elementary School

800 Beech St, Manawa


10:00 AM Thursday, January 15

Bear Creek Town Hall

E9107 Silver Creek Rd, Bear Creek


10:00 AM Thursday, January 22

Waupaca Town Hall

N3514 CTH E, Waupaca


10:00 AM Thursday, January 29

Lebanon Town Hall

N5844 Buelow Rd, New London


The same program will be offered in each location, including an overview of the new law and recommendations for local implementation next spring. Town supervisors, farmers and custom operators are all encouraged to attend. Advanced reservation is appreciated and can be made with Jill in the Highway Department either by email or phone 715-258-7152.