Latest research: food label confusion leads to food waste

Research to be published in the September 2020 issue of Food Control confirms that consumers are wasting food due to confusion over food product dating. An online survey of 1042 U.S. adults evaluated consumers’ use and knowledge of food label dates, and consumers’ habits related to disposing of food that would likely still be safe for consumption.  Click here […]

Microscopic view of SARS-CoV-2 virus

Food Safety in the Time of COVID-19: Why is the coronavirus different?

The coronavirus that we are all dealing with this year has some startling differences and also some similarities from other viruses that we have heard about before. About 15-30% of common colds every year are caused by a type of coronavirus. COVID-19 is a disease caused by a particularly virulent and contagious coronavirus. What is a coronavirus? Coronaviruses […]


Food Safety in the Time of COVID-19: Grill like a PRO

The CDC estimates that 48 million Americans every year get sick with a foodborne illness, with cases of foodborne illness tending to spike in the summer. While grilling outside with our family can be fun, it can also lead to food poisoning.  Now is certainly no time to get sick with an illness that is avoidable! […]