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Get Movin’ Scorecard – Register by filling out this scorecard with your activity and information.  Then either send the scorecard to us or utilize a drop box in your community. It’s simple!

Get Movin’ Scorecard – Fill in the scorecard and email it to movincommunities@gmail.com

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What is Movin’ Communities?

What is Movin’ Communities

Why Movin’ Communities

Drop Box

Local Drop Boxes:
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Waupaca- Public Library and Park and Recreation Center
Clintonville- Public Library and Chamber of Commerce
Iola/Scandinavia-Iola Public Library and Scandinavia Public Library
Weyauwega/Fremont-Weyauwega Public Library and Weyauwega First National Bank
Marion- Public Library
Manawa- Sturm Memorial Library and Premier Bank
New London- Park and Recreation Center and Public Library

Electronic Drop Box: Email to movincommunities@gmail.com

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What Activities Count A and What Activities Count B

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What is NU ACT?

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For more information or questions contact movincommunities@gmail.com

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