Waupaca County Tobacco Free Coalition


Tobacco Free Coalition- 2007 Objectives 2008-9 Objectives

Youth Programs –

Smoking Cessation – NOT or Freedom from Smoking or Wisconsin QUIT Line

ATS – Forms for Registration

Smoke Free Wisconsin & Clean Indoor Air & Smoke Free Workplaces

Smoke Free Restaurants

Community Partners-Public Schools & Courts

Information for Families Tobacco – Parenting Kit – National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion

Facts at Your FingertipsPDFWisconsin Tobacco & Medicaid Problem or PDFSources

Children InitiativeWordRelaunch or PowerPointPower Point

The Campaign For Tobacco Free Kids

Sample Media Materials
WordSample Media Advisory for Legislator’s Speaking Engagement at Coalition Meeting
WordPress Release for After an In-District Meeting
WordOp-ed – Local Physician1
WordLetter to the Editor #1 – Medicaid
WordLetter to the Editor #2 – Tobacco Problem
WordLetter to the Editor #3 – Youth Smoking
WordLetter to the Editor #4 – Health Care Jobs

Wisconsin Organizational Support Groups

Links for Youth
Media Sharp (CDC)– What is the influence of media on youth decision making?

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