School Resource and Curriculum

Balance First – Balance What You Choose with How You Move:
pdf file*Teacher’s Guide Grades 1-2

pdf file*Teacher Guide Grades 3-5 *

pdf fileParent Guide

pdf filePolicy to Action Agenda
pdf fileHealthy Choices for School Consession Sales
pdf fileDo Healthy School Meals Cost More?
pdf fileSchool Breakfast Programs – Energizing the Classroom
pdf fileFast Break to Learning – School Breakfast Program
pdf fileHealthy Celebrations – Promoting a Healthy School Environment
pdf fileHealthy Fundraising – Promoting a Health School Environment
pdf fileLunch Boxes Need Health Check-Up – NuAct Press Lunch Box RX
pdf fileMove It – Kids Pyramid Activity Guide
pdf fileMove It – Pyramid Facts
pdf fileMy Pyramid – Simple
pdf fileMy Pyramid For Kids – Youth Advanced
pdf filePhysical Education and Activity – SHIPPS CDC
pdf filePhysical Education for Students with Disabilities – SHIPPS CDC
pdf filePortion Sizes Policy Considerations
pdf filePre-Schoolers Activity Pyramid
pdf fileRecess Before Lunch
pdf fileRecess Before Lunch – Playtime Before Lunchtime
pdf fileSchool Beverage Policy Considerations
pdf fileThe Role of Schools in Preventing Childhood Obesity
pdf fileSchools Can Play a Role in Preventing Childhood Obesity
pdf fileServing Sizes in the Classroom
pdf fileSnack Attack Poster Team Nutrition
pdf fileStrategies to Lower Plate Waste in Schools
pdf fileVending Healthy Drinks School Guide
pdf fileVending Machine at School and the Food Pyramid
pdf fileWhat Works in Schools
pdf fileWisconsin School Plan to Promote Eating Activity Exec
pdf fileWisconsin Schools Health Report Card 2000

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