Adolescent Literacy

Department of Public Instruction Plan for Literacy

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Power Point from March 18 and 19 Workshops

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Libraries, Brain Development and Literacy



Addressing literacy through neuroscience

-Why Do They Act That Way by Dr. David Walsh, 2004
-Don’t Bother Me Mom – I’m Learning by Marc Prensky, 2006
-Naked Reading: Uncovering What Tweens Need to Become Lifelong Readers by Teri S. Lesesne, 2006
-Teach Like Your Hair’s on Fire: The Methods and Madness Inside Room 56 by Rafe Esquith, 2007
-There Are No Shortcuts by Rafe Esquith, 2003
-Raising Bookworms: Getting Kids Reading for Pleasure and Empowerment by Emma Walton Hamilton, 2009
-Readicide: How Schools are Killing Reading and What You Can Do About It by Kelly Gallagher, 2009

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