4-H Waupaca County Leaders’ Association

Who are the members?

Every Youth Protection certified adult 4-H leader enrolled in Waupaca County 4-H is a member. Every member enrolled in the Waupaca County 4-H Program in grades 7 and above with at least one year of 4-H enrollment is a member of the Leaders’ Association.

What happens at the 4-H Leaders’ Association Meetings?

Leaders’ Association meetings are the place where policies about 4-H in Waupaca County are discussed and made.

We talk about current initiatives in the 4-H program, leader opportunities and member opportunities.

What are the goals of the 4-H Leaders’ Association?

The goals of the 4-H Leaders’ Association are to keep youth interested, encourage participation beyond the club level, increase parental involvement, make the county fair educational and fun, promote positive self-esteem and encourage active attendance at leaders’ meetings.

Why should you be involved in the 4-H Leaders’ Association?

The 4-H program in Waupaca County can be anything you want it to be if you come, share your thoughts and get involved. When you are a registered leader, the Leaders’ Association provides you with liability insurance, a reduced admission pass for the County Fair, leader trainings, resources for club meetings and 4-H mailings.

The Leaders’ Association meetings are the fourth Tuesday of January, March, May, July, September and November at 7:30 p.m. at the ManawaCity Hall.

How do the Leaders’ Board and the 4-H Youth Educators fit into the Leaders’ Association?

The 4-H Leaders’ Board is made up of 16 elected leaders.  They meet the 2nd Thursday of March, May, and September.  In January, July, and November they meet the same night as the Association.  The Leaders’ Board is responsible for fundraising, developing an annual budget and all financial transactions, including an audit.  They set the agenda for the Association meetings and prepare draft policies for items on which the Association needs to make a decision.  The 4-H Youth Educators serve as advisors.

Vice President
Past President
District Leaders’ Council Rep

District I Representatives: Sunrise, Woodland Badgers, Krossing Creeks, Diamond Dreamers

District II Representatives: Friendly Valley, Town & Country, Wisconsin Workers

District III Representatives: Baldwins Mill, Lebanon Cedars, Peterson Mill

District IV Representatives: Casey Lake, Chain O’Lakes, Lind Center Beavers, Country Pride, Dayton Community

District V Representatives: Sandy Knoll, Tri-County, Wolf River Rascals

Youth Representatives (2 from the county at large)

Contact Penny Tank for information about leadership opportunities. Email: penny.tank@wisc.edu

Upcoming Meetings: