Hands-On Organizational Planning Course

How do you learn to move from idea—to implementation (while bringing your whole team “along”)?  How might you organize meetings of great minds to maximum effect?  How can you “do” real-time planning as an ongoing process?

The “Hands-On Organizational Planning, Simplified” mini-course begins July 20.  Register Here (And Spread The Word)!  

Want to Know More?  We’re recruiting a diverse slate of nonprofit leaders and visionary board members who want to hone their organizational action planning skills as part of a statewide cohort.  This virtual series is a great opportunity to access practical content and get connected to others working in nonprofits statewide.  We are honored to feature Extension Professor, Dr. Annie Jones, in this mini-course as part of Extension’s Nonprofit Peer Learning Program.  Check out the website for more, or register now!