Greg Blonde Retires from UW-Madison Extension Waupaca County

It is with mixed emotions and sincere gratitude for his service that we are announcing the retirement of Greg Blonde. Since 1984, Greg has served as the Agriculture Agent for UW-Madison Extension in Waupaca County. His work and dedication have been integral to the local farming community, and to the broader community as a whole.

Bringing unbiased university research to where people live and work was something Greg truly believed and worked hard to accomplish. Greg initiated and was involved in numerous research projects working with colleagues from across the state, as well as specialists from UW-Madison. More recently, he developed several mobile apps helping support farmers and other Ag professionals throughout the country. Greg took part in countless other service and support roles such as working with families and youth at the County Fair, secretary/treasurer for the Waupaca County Forage Council, serving as county office department head and as statewide Chair for UW-Extension Department of Ag and Life Sciences.

Greg truly valued the county partnerships he developed over the years, especially those with farmers and other Ag professionals, his Extension office colleagues, County Board supervisors, and colleagues in the county Land Conservation and Parks Department. He built strong working relationships with many others involved in the larger local agriculture industry.

The heart of Greg’s work has always been the local farmer.  He did not want a retirement party because, as he put it, “My work has been for the farmers. They don’t get a retirement party, so I’m not going to have one either.” Greg’s passion for agriculture will indeed be missed!  We hope Greg enjoys well-deserved rest and relaxation, and wish him many good days on the golf course.