“Steps for Limiting Farm Families and Farm Employees from COVID-19 Exposure”

“Steps for Limiting Farm Families and Farm Employees from COVID-19 Exposure”

With the current pandemic of COVID-19, farmers are concerned about keeping themselves, their families and employees well and work to reduce the potential spread of the disease. The following are recommendations for limiting exposure from visitors to farms.

If possible: Postpone or find alternative ways to convey and share information. Phone, video conferencing, etc. AVOIDANCE IS ALWAYS BEST

DO NOT meet with a person in person if you or ANY MEMBER of your household or others with you’ve had immediate contact have symptoms outlined by CDC. You could potentially carry the virus even with no symptoms.

If you have visitors, schedule in advance – one at a time. Ask about the person’s health and travel status. Follow CDC guidance. Other considerations are:

* Keep ALL OTHER family members away

* If possible, meet in an outside space

* Maintain 6 feet of separation space

* Do not share a pen, phone, etc.

* Obviously, handshakes are not necessary

* Minimize exposure length – if you must do additional “catching up” do it by phone

Wash hands and ANY surfaces touched – remind visitors to do the same. Soap, water, and adequate handwashing and drying is always important. CDC has guidance for dilute bleach solutions for surfaces that may need sanitization.

Keep detailed visitor records including: who/what/when/where and have their contact information – Store this information until this situation passes (several months likely). This is a good biosecurity practice regardless of this current pandemic.

These will lessen risk but are not a guarantee that person-to-person spread will not occur. Other practices may be adapted based on guidance from trusted partners at WI DHS and US CDC.

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