Tips for Cooking Safely in a Slow Cooker

During the winter, menu planning often turns more to soups and stews than at other times of the year.  When that happens, a slow cooker is the perfect appliance for preparing a nutritious meal that is ready when you walk through the door at the end of the day. A slow cooker or “crock pot” is a convenient portable electric appliance popular in today’s kitchens. Slow cookers have several advantages. It’s “all-day cooking without looking.” They are economical to operate and can be used to produce flavorful soups and stews. While many of us find that a slow cooker is our go-to choice for cooking soups and stews in the winter, a slow cooker can be handy any time of year.  The slow cooker operates at low temperature, generally between 170° and 280°F. The combination of direct heat from the potlengthy cooking, and steam destroy bacteria, making the slow cooker a safe process for cooking foods as long as a  few steps are followed.  click here for the complete article