Highlighted Projects

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Leadership Development

  • Leadership Waupaca County  – a program open to those age 15 and up who live and/or work in Waupaca County (ongoing). Typically starts recruiting in Spring/Summer each year.
  • Wisconsin Nonprofits Connect to Learn – (2022- ) Building the capacity of nonprofit leaders to work “on” their organizations, rather than just “in” their organizations. A partnership with other rural Extension educators across the state. Because of Jessica’s involvement in running this program, additional local support is available to nonprofits enrolled in the program.
  • Courageous Connections/Relational Networking Program – This program is all about the HOW of building quality relationships within networks (2020-present).
  • Trauma Informed Communities – Extension is the NEW HOME of the locally-developed Trauma Informed Care curriculum. Contact our office if you would like our volunteers to deliver this unique, meaningful program to your organization! (2019-present)
  • Local Voices Network – in partnership with UW-Madison and Cortico, Waupaca County was the first rural county in the nation to pilot this program “designed to bring under-heard community voices, perspectives and stories to the center of a healthier public dialogue.” (2019-2022)
  • Civility Series Discussions– in partnership with Waupaca Public Library, this was a series of three facilitated discussions designed to practice civil conversation. Delivered in Fall 2018.
  • Working Out Loud for Resilience – as part of the Network Literacy team of OneOp (formerly the Military Families Learning Network), this self-directed learning experience is designed to help you think about developing social connections that support your individual resilience (2018-2020)
  • Practicing Connection Podcast – as part of the Network Literacy team of OneOp, this podcast is focused on guiding professionals to practice the skills of connection and collaboration
  • Storytelling for Cultural Competence – as part of the Network Literacy team of OneOp, this journaling experience was originally designed as part of the 2018 Virtual Conference, but can also be used on its own at any time (ongoing)

Organizational Development

  • Waupaca County Catch-a-Ride (formerly Partners in Transportation) – grant writing, communications planning and stakeholder communications planning process with several community partners from the New London area and beyond. Seeking to fill workforce transportation gaps in Waupaca County and coordinate services, rather than duplicate. (2019-present)
  • Waupaca County Early Childhood Education Network (2021-present) – action planning process and organizational development/support
  • Governor’s Task Force on Broadband Access (2020-2021) – co-process designer and lead facilitator
  • Clintonville Foundation – Planning process designed to identify focus areas and onboard new board members. (2020)
  • Waupaca County Veterans Connection -an organizational development and engagement effort for a network of organizations dedicated to serving veterans in Waupaca County, Wisconsin. (2016-2020)
  • Central Wisconsin Health Partnership Vision/Mission Process (2019) – in partnership with Waushara County Extension
  • School District of Waupaca Athletics/Co-Curricular Program Strategic Plan Process (2018-2019)
  • Friends of Hartman Creek State Park short-range plan process (2018) – in partnership with Portage County Extension Community Development Educator
  • Waupaca County Economic Development Corporation Strategic Plan (adopted 2018)
  • Sturm Memorial Library Strategic Plan (adopted 2017)
  • Wisconsin Bed & Breakfast Association Strategy Sessions (2017)

Community & Economic Development

  • Child Care Business Initiative (2021) –  a business development opportunity for child care providers looking to improve or grow their operations and helps new owners chart their course to success.
  • Onward Clintonville downtown revitalization (2021-)
  • Waupaca Area You Belong/Social Connectedness Team – (2020-present)
  • Waupaca Area CHAT (Community Health Action Team) Social Connectedness Committee/You Belong (2019- present)
  • Wisconsin Partners – Jessica represents Extension on this “coalition of statewide associations and civic-led community groups committed to deep collaboration whose goal is to be an effective community-building network that brings about positive change through the building of the enduring broad-based relationships that make bold action possible.” (2018-2022)
  • Waupaca County Broadband Survey – in partnership with the Waupaca County Economic Development Corporation, County Planning & Zoning office, and a Leadership Waupaca County service learning project team (2017)
  • Youth First Impressions Survey – in partnership with Iron County Extension, Iron county youth, and Weyauwega-Fremont FFA youth. Attached is a sample of the blank survey used in this program (2016)
  • Comprehensive Plan Update Process Support – in partnership with Waupaca County Planning & Zoning Office (2016-2018)
  • Town of Mukwa Public Engagement Processan engagement process designed to obtain meaningful input on a levy increase (2015)

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