4-H Food Stand Supervisors Needed –

The Waupaca County 4-H Leaders’ Board is looking for individuals willing to serve as supervisors in the 4-H Food Stand to oversee the running of the food stand during the week of the Waupaca County Fair.  The number of hours to work will depend on the number of supervisors and can be divided by up to 4 or 5 people for the week of fair.  Supervisors will receive an honorarium from the Leaders’ Board (up to $600 divided between the number of supervisors and hours worked).

A summary of the services the supervisors will perform includes:

a. Availability to work multiple shifts during the week of the County Fair (a schedule will be confirmed between all supervisors)

b. Participate in orientation and training prior to the fair regarding food stand licensing requirements, operation, covid guidelines, and practices for working with 4-H youth and adult volunteers.

c. Ensure the food stand is in compliance with license standards and that workers are following food safety, sanitation, cleaning, and other guidelines that may be in effect.

d. Check inventory daily during the fair.

e. Assist with proper running of food stand equipment.

f. Oversee the worker schedule and orient youth and adults as they come to work in the stand.

g. Communicate with the other supervisors, the Leaders’ Board and other Food Stand volunteers

h. Coordinate opening and closing of the stand each day depending on your scheduled hours

The need for these contracted supervisor positions is really during the week of the fair.  Other responsibilities like initially ordering food for the stand, prep and clean up of the stand and equipment, and other pre and post fair duties are able to be covered by other volunteers.  If you are interested in learning more contact penny.tank@wisc.edu.  If somebody is interested that is not yet a certified 4-H volunteer, this can be completed prior to the fair.

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